50th Reunion

Yes, we're already looking forward to the 50th reunion!  We'd like your ideas and suggestions for this big event in 2021!

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1)   Time of Year

  Spring (Pre-Memorial Day)
  Summer (Pre-July 4th)
  Summer (Pre-Labor Day)
  Fall (Pre-Halloween)
2)   Venue

  Dinner-on-the-Sound (et al Argosy)
  Dinner-at-the-Needle (Space Needle)
  Assisted-Care Blow-out (Dinner at a Nursing Home)
3)   Music

  Soft, relaxing Lawrence Welk
  Cd (or whatever media is available in 2021) of Frank Sinatra
  No Music (it won't make any difference)
4)   Food

  Surf and Turf